Hillary Clinton Tweets Link to Verrit, Massive Hack Attacks Ensue


Even though the election ended over 7 months ago, just the mention of Hillary Clinton’s name seems to send President Trump and a large portion of his supporters into a frenzy of lies, anger, and downright ugliness. Trump continues to tweet insults directed toward the former First Lady, Secretary of State and Democratic nominee, while Clinton remains relatively reserved when it comes to Trump’s digs at her.

Yesterday Clinton decided to tweet a message promoting a new media and fact-checking platform, Verrit, which claims to cater to the ‘65.8 million’ people who voted for her. Verrit.com is co-founded by political activist Peter Daou, and has quickly taken off this weekend, thanks in part to Clinton’s tweet to her 17.9 million followers.

Verrit’s goal is to “collect and contextualize noteworthy facts, stats, and quotes for politically engaged citizens,” and apparently such ambitions have attracted some of the vile people who had surfaced during the election 7+ months ago. Almost immediately after Clinton’s tweet at around 7 PM Sunday evening, the site began receiving a massive distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack. Hackers use such an attack to send bot traffic to a service in order to overload it and make the site inaccessible. Verrit Co-founder Peter Daou described the attack on Twitter moments ago.

“I had the WILDEST night in the fetid swamps of Hillary hate. These people are PETRIFIED of her. I’ll explain… On a relatively quiet #LaborDay weekend night, Hillary Clinton endorsed @Verrit, the media platform I cofounded. Within seconds, traffic to the site surged and we began getting thousands of signups. Then all hell broke loose. @Verrit was hit with a sophisticated and persistent denial-of-service attack. Our tech team worked for three hours to restore the site. Once the Hillary-bashers got wind of @Verrit, we were inundated with a wave of hate as extreme as ANYTHING we saw during the campaign. There are now threads on message boards plotting about taking @Verrit down. A Wikipedia page was set up with fabricated information,” Daou wrote.

Clearly hacking groups, as well as Trump supporters, are not very happy about another site launching that will fact-check Trump’s statements. They are clearly scared of what Verrit represents and are attacking the site in a persistent manner.

Have you been to Verrit.com yet? What are your thoughts of their initiative and Clinton’s recommendation? Let us know in the comments section below.