Report: Bannon Says ‘GOP should brace for a fight with Trump’s base’


Since the Republican Primary, the GOP has mostly backed their nominee, Donald Trump. While there have been several Republican Congressmen and Senators who have come out against the President, the majority of them have, and still are, standing behind Donald J. Trump. This may, however, be about to change, in the coming weeks and months ahead if NBC News’ White House Correspondent, Kristen Welker has reliable sources.

According to Welker, in a tweet she made this morning, things could be about to change in a big way.

“‘Bloody September’ – source familiar with the mtg btw Bannon & Meadows says Bannon’s message: GOP should brace for a fight w/ Trump base,” Welker tweeted.

Apparently this source, or perhaps Welker herself, is predicting that this month of September will see a battle erupt between President Trump’s base and the Republican party. While Welker’s sources were not divulged, they were apparently privy to a meeting which took place between former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and Bannon confidant, Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina.

The idea that President Trump’s base would in essence break away from the GOP is not something that President Trump should desire, nor something the GOP would openly embrace. However, it’s becoming more and more evident that as time goes by and more Republicans in Congress and the Senate start turning against Trump, his base, which seems to stick with him no matter what he says, simply won’t go down without a fight.

Trump has a lot on the table this month, in terms of pushing laws and bills through Congress, and although he has said that the Democrats are obstructing him from getting anything passed, it’s really the growing number of Republicans who have been blocking Trump’s desires. Trump has already attacked several Republican lawmakers, but this may only be the beginning of an intra-party war.

What do you think? Will Trump and his base ultimately break away from the GOP? This would seemingly be political suicide, wouldn’t it? Discuss in the comments section below.