This May Be The Most Awkward Donald & Melania Trump Moment Yet


‘Awkward’ is a great word to describe the public relationship between President Donald Trump and his beautiful wife Melania. Over the last 8 months or so, the American people have been given a front row seat into a relationship which seems to be filled with strife. After all, what marriage wouldn’t have its issues when one of the two people involved were caught on camera saying they like to grab women by the ‘pussy’, right?

We have seen Melania make faces of disgust behind her husband’s back, refuse to hold his hand on numerous occasions, and only show affection when it seems like she almost has to. With all that said, yesterday’s antics at military facility Joint Base Andrews, may take the cake for the most awkward moment yet, since Trump’s presidency began nearly eight months ago.

Melania Trump was on hand to introduce her husband to the service men and women at the base in Maryland.

“It’s my great pleasure to introduce my husband, the President of the United States, Donald Trump,” stated Melania.

As she concluded her remarks, the President slowly stepped towards her, shook her hand and then appeared to almost push or guide her off stage. Such actions would appear to be normal, had the person introducing him been another male politician or statesman, however it almost appeared as if President Trump had forgotten that this was his wife he was dealing with. A kiss, or a long hug certainly would not have been out of the ordinary in this situation.

While rumors have surfaced that Melania had prepared to divorce the President prior to him unexpectedly winning the 2016 election, the event witnessed yesterday appears to show that there is a clear lack of affection within this marriage. Let’s hear your thoughts on yet another awkward moment between these two, in the comments section below.