Constitutional Professor Tribe: ‘Miraculous’ if Trump Not Indicted


There are some people who get quoted by the media much too often and don’t deserve the attention. Take for instance Scott Baio or even the former CNN analyst Jeffrey Lord. Then there are those who should get quoted much more often. One of those people happens to be Harvard Constitutional Law Professor and cofounder of the American Constitution Society, Lawrence Tribe.

Tribe, who has earned respect from those on both sides of the isle, is one of the few individuals who appears to understand constitutional law as if it was as easy as saying the alphabet. Tribe also happens to be one of President Trump’s biggest critics. Tribe’s criticism of Trump, however, doesn’t appear to be politically motivated. Instead his disgust for the President seems to stem from his comprehensive understanding of just how much Trump has trampled on our constitution. This is why Tribe’s opinion on the whole Trump/Russia fiasco is so important to us all. And such an opinion was just tweeted by Tribe earlier this week.

“When the indictments start rolling out, I predict an avalanche,” Tribe explained, while discussing recent allegations that Michael Flyyn participated in a for-profit nuclear scheme. “And for Trump to escape being an unindicted co-conspirator [would] be miraculous, Tribe continued.

From his decades of experience, not only in constitutional law, but other areas of law as well, Tribe appears to understand how these investigations work. He seems rather certain that numerous individuals will be going down as the Mueller investigation proceeds. And unlike the Watergate scandal where President Richard Nixon was an unindicted co-conspirator, Tribe appears to believe that the sitting President this time will actually be indicted.  He also appears to believe that such an indictment would be legal under US law.

As for when this ‘avalanche’ of indictments will be handed down by Mueller, it’s impossible to tell. However, it does appear as if the investigation is moving forward at a rapid rate. Let’s hear your thoughts on Tribe’s remarks in the comments section below.