Yes, Trump Just Retweeted This GIF of Him Hurting Hillary Clinton


We have become all too familiar with President Trump’s childish, irresponsible, and often media-grabbing tweets. Although the new White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly seemingly tamed Trump’s tweet storms a bit, this morning the President may have retweeted his most inflammatory, message yet.

Just before 8:30 AM this morning, following a series of tweets and retweets, President Trump decided to retweet an animated GIF originally posted four days ago by a user going by the screen name ‘Fuctupmind‘. The tweet shows Donald Trump swinging at a golf ball, and as the ball flies off his club, the camera angle changes. The animation depicts the President’s golf ball striking Hillary Clinton in the back as she boards her plane. Clinton falls, appearing to have been injured as a staff member helps her to her feet. The GIF clearly splices two different video clips together to make it appear as if the President is hitting a ball right at the former first lady. The entire message that was posted can be seen below:

While most of the media will be concentrating on the fact that Trump tweeted an animation of him hurting Clinton, it is also interesting that he chose to tweet a GIF which shows him golfing. After all, he has been criticized multiple times as having golfed more in his first 8 months as President as Obama had in his entire 8 years.

Let’s hear your thoughts on this inflammatory retweet by the President of the United States. Discuss in the comments section below.