REPORT: WH Officials Fearful That Colleagues May Be Wearing Wires


Usually it’s the guilty who act guilty. After all, an innocent person doesn’t usually go to extreme lengths to cover up their tracks through lies and deceit, and most certainly innocent people aren’t afraid that they are being watched or listened too at all times.

Those within the White House have been acting very guilty as of late. If it’s not the fact that multiple cabinet members and advisers have tried their best to cover meetings they had with Russian officials, both before and after the election, then it’s usually these same people lying about what those meetings were about. Now, new information reported by the New York Times, indicates that many within the White House are frantic, worried that their colleagues may be wearing wires in order to record conversations for the Mueller probe.

Yesterday’s New York Times Report focused on a battle between two of Trump’s lawyers: White House counsel Donald McGahn, and a more recently appointed attorney, Ty Cobb. According to the Times, the two men are conflicted over how to handle Robert Mueller’s request for documents from the White House. While Cobb is taking a more liberal approach, wanting to provide exactly what the investigators ask for, McGahn feels that a more conservative approach will help the President and future presidents in the long run. McGahn feels that the liberal approach that Cobb has taken may set a dangerous precedent in the future, for both Trump as well as future presidents.

On top of this, a reporter from the Times recently overheard a conversation between Cobb and others, where Cobb accused another individual of being a ‘McGahn spy”. Cobb also mentioned that he wanted documents that McGahn had been storing in his safe. When the New York Times contacted Cobb and the White House to question them on this conversation, McGahn reportedly blew up at Cobb. Additional reports have also just revealed, according to the Times, that “White House officials privately express fear that colleagues may be wearing a wire to surreptitiously record conversations for Mr. Mueller”.

This fear, although likely unwarranted, certainly shows the kind of mindset those in the White House currently have. They appear to be afraid of their own shadows, afraid to relax, as they know, they themselves, may be in for a long legal battle. I’m pretty sure Obama and Bush officials within the White House never questioned whether they were being recorded by investigators via wires.

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