REPORT: Kushner Resignation Letter Drawn Up By Trump Legal Team Back in June


As you are likely aware, the President’s son-in-law seems to have one of the more important advisory positions within the White House. In fact, he may have the President’s ear more than any other individual in the White House, besides perhaps Chief-of-staff John Kelly. This is why reports coming from the Wall Street Journal recently, which indicate that President Trump’s legal team prepared a Jared Kushner resignation letter back in July, is such a surprise.

According to reports from the Journal, multiple members of Trump’s legal team at the time, advocated for the resignation of Kushner, following the leaked information which placed Kushner in a meeting with Russian officials at Trump Tower the previous month. While some members of the team were outright against Kushner leaving his role within the White House, others believed that his continued work for the President was a burden that could make Trump look even worse than the media had already made him out to appear. These individuals were so sure that a resignation was the right move, that they even went as far as drafting a letter to present to the press following any such decision.

Those pushing for Kushner to resign felt that his continued access to the President and other White House staff members could eventually lead Special Counsel Robert Mueller to subpoena testimony from any individual who may have discussed any of the meetings that Kushner may have had with the Russians, either before or after the November election

John Dowd, one of the leaders of Trump’s legal team, did not agree with the calls for Kushner to resign. “I didn’t agree with that view at all. I thought it was absurd.” Dowd also described Kushner as “a great asset, real gentleman and a pleasure to work with.”

Days after the letter was drafted, Trump’s legal team faced a major shake-up and such calls for Kushner to resign seemed to subside, according to sources.

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