Watch Live as President Trump Addresses the UN General Assembly


After over a year of condemning and insulting the United Nations, President Trump is set to take center stage this morning at 10:00AM ET in order to address the UN General Assembly. We are all wondering exactly what the President will say to the leaders of our closest allies.

While the official speech has not been released or even leaked, we do have some hints as to the tone that President Trump will be taking. The speech, which can be watched LIVE below, certainly has the world’s attention.

Trump is expected to address several key events which have been taking place around the world. Most notably, there will be remarks made about the current issues in North Korea, as well as his condemnation of Iran.

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, provided a brief preview of the President’s planned speech by saying, “He slaps the right people, he hugs the right people, and he comes out with the US being very strong in the end.”

White House National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, took it a small step further in stating, “”He will urge all states to come together to address grave dangers that threaten us all.”

However, we are not sure the exact tone that President Trump plans to take. Most pundits expect him to tone down his attacks on the United Nations, while focusing more on emphasizing the United States’ “America First” attitude. Others are wondering if Trump could perhaps announce his decision on the Iran deal, in which he faces a deadline of next month for re-certifying the middle eastern country’s compliance with the agreement. We will all find out at 10:00 ET. Feel free to watch live, below:

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