Is Vladimir Putin Behind Kim Jong-un’s Latest Missile Threat?


While the Trump administration likes to place blame on former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for why North Korea has been able to develop nuclear weapons, a recent article by National Review indicates that perhaps the man most responsible from the outside is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

For those following North Korea’s technological advancements, when it comes to the development of nuclear weapons, there is something quite strange that has recently happened. It’s almost as if North Korea, a country who had been working at a snail’s pace for the past 3 decades, has suddenly been given a rocket boost (quite literally).

“It shocked me,” former Pentagon consultant Michael Elleman told the Washington Post after seeing a video of North Korea’s first test launch of it’s ICBM back in July. “It seemed to come out of nowhere.”

Where did this boost come from? Arthur Herman of the National Review suggests that Putin himself may be working with the North Koreans to help them quickly develop working nuclear weapons capable of hitting the US/Canadian mainland. One of the first hints is that the liquid-fuel engines used are eerily similar to those used for the RD-250 — a 1960’s Soviet Missile.

Moscow has long been friendly with Kim Jong-un, even after the world has come out in condemnation of the ruthless leader. Russia helps North Korea when it comes to finance, and they are a huge benefit in providing them with economic boosts. Back in 2015, North Korean nuclear scientists were actually invited into the country to virtually intern at Russian nuclear facilities.

Also a strange event coincides with the time frame in which Jong-un started their latest missile tests this past May. Russia surprisingly opened up a new ferry service which takes people from Vladivostok — a known port in Russia — to the North Korean port of Rajin. This all occurred while most of the other nations on this planet were cutting ties and creating new sanctions with Pyongyang.

There are plenty of reasons for Putin to aid North Korea in arming their military, one of which includes creating a massive distraction in the United States to divert attention from investigations looking into Russian election meddling. When the world is in mass chaos, Russia benefits. What could create more chaos on a global scale than a renewed cold war in which Russia “appears” to remain on the sidelines?

Let us know your thoughts. Do you think Putin is behind these latest North Korean missile advancements? Discuss in the comments section below.