Watch Obama Mock the GOP Earlier Today


All eyes are on the GOP as they try and repeal ObamaCare prior to the September 30th deadline. With just over a week remaining until the end of this month, it will be next to impossible for the Senate to repeal and replace healthcare as we know it once October is among us. This is because while they only need 50 votes to pass a new healthcare plan now, once October 1 comes around they will require an almost impossible 60 votes.

Just about every Democrat imaginable has chimed in on the latest Graham-Cassidy bill, with the exception of the man whose legacy includes creating the Affordable Healthcare Act, Barack Obama. That was until today when Obama gave a speech at the Goalkeepers event hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

As you can see in the video below, Obama made it clear what he thinks about this latest bill.

“Paying more for insurance, or being denied insurance because of a preexisting condition or because you are a woman, that’s not a thing anymore,” Obama stated. “We got rid of that. And people are alive today because of it. And that’s progress. When I see those people trying to undo that hard-won progress, for the 50th or 60th time, with a bill that will raise costs, reduce coverage, and roll back protections for older Americans and people with pre-existing conditions … it’s aggravating. The legislation that we passed was full of things that needed to be fixed. It was not perfect; it was better.”

Obama joins the many Democrats who have been pushing hard to prevent the Graham-Cassidy bill from passing. Whether or not it does pass is yet to be seen, but it certainly will be a very close vote once it heads to the floor. One thing is for certain. If the bill passes, many of those with pre-existing conditions will be forced to either pay much larger premiums or be faced with losing health care coverage altogether.

More comments from Obama can be viewed below:

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