Trump: I Expected a Health Care Bill to be Waiting For Me When I Assumed Office


Many of us remember when Candidate Donald Trump was on the campaign trail talking about Obamacare and how he planned to fix healthcare in America. He is quoted as saying, “You’re going to have such great health care, at a tiny fraction of the cost—and it’s going to be so easy.”

This has turned out to be farther from the truth than anyone could have expected, as the GOP has been unsuccessful in repealing and replacing Obamacare on several occasions since Trump took office in January. Not only that, but the latest Graham-Cassidy bill, which seemingly still doesn’t have the necessary votes to pass in the Senate, doesn’t actually provide better health care or reduce the costs like Trump promised.

Now, speaking yesterday, President Trump emphasized how he feels as though this latest healthcare bill is better than the previous ones put forth by the GOP, but he also said something that starkly contradicted his campaign rhetoric. During his campaign, he insinuated that he knew how to fix healthcare and that the whole process would be easy. Yet, yesterday he inferred that he never expected to play any role in the formation of a new system to repeal and replace Obamacare. As you can see in the video below, Trump states:

“I thought that when I won I would go to the Oval Office, sit down at my desk, and there would be a healthcare bill on my desk — to be honest,” Trump said. “It hasn’t worked out that way, and I think a lot of Republicans are embarrassed by it.”

Again Trump is putting blame on his own party, rather than taking any blame himself for the lack of a solid plan. It seems as though most of the Republicans in the House and Senate have more desire to simply remove Obama’s legacy from the history books than to actually formulate a plan that will work in the long run. Trump, however, seemingly expects others to do all the work for him.  Check out the full speech by Trump below.

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