Here Are The 3 Tweets Trump Just Deleted, Which Supported Luther Strange


President Trump tweets some pretty bizarre and even disgusting messages sometimes, but one thing that we can give the President credit for is that he rarely ever deletes a tweet unless he makes a spelling or grammar error. Last night, this all changed.

If you follow Trump on Twitter, then you likely are aware that he has been almost obsessively tweeting his support for Republican Senator Luther Strange as he faced off against Roy Moore in a runoff. Literally, in the midst of some of the worst hurricanes to ever strike the United States Trump would tweet his support for Strange, even going as far as saying that his support is helping Strange in the polls.

Well, all that ‘support’ didn’t seem to help one bit. In fact, Strange lost to Roy Moore by approximately 10 points yesterday. When the President found out that his preferred candidate was not the victor, he began deleting tweets in which he supported Strange. These tweets included all of the following:

“Big election tomorrow in the Great State of Alabama. Vote for Senator Luther Strange, tough on crime and border – will never let you down.”

“Luther Strange has been shooting up in the Alabama polls since my endorsement. Finish the job – vote today for ‘Big Luther'”

“ALABAMA, get out and vote for Luther Strange – he has proven to me that he will never let you down! #MAGA”

Clearly these messages are all a bit embarrassing in hindsight, but deleting them seems to be even more of an embarrassment, especially after Trump had bragged about how much he was helping Strange.¬† Most likely Trump didn’t realize that people would figure out that the tweets were gone, but apparently he was incorrect yet again.

Not only are these deletions making Trump look bad, but they may in fact be illegal. There is actually an ongoing lawsuit by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), which claims that any deletions made by Trump is in violation to the Presidential Records Act.

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