CONFIRMED: Special Counsel Takes Over Steele Dossier Investigation


It’s been almost ten months since BuzzFeed first published the explosive 35-page dossier that former MI6 agent Christopher Steel had compiled regarding the Trump campaign’s collusion with the Kremlin.  As each month passes, the dossier’s legitimacy seems to become more and more apparent. In fact, there are now numerous key claims presented in the document that have now been confirmed, or at least corroborated by investigators.

While legal experts and political pundits have continued to guess that Robert Mueller likely was investigating the 35-page document himself, up until this morning, the only thing we could confirm was that the FBI had been looking into the dossier.

This morning, all this has changed as Reuters put out a report, compiled after speaking with three sources with knowledge of Mueller’s probe. According to this report, the Mueller office has assumed control over the investigation of the dossier from the FBI. This likely means that the FBI’s investigation uncovered that there is in fact merit to Steele’s claims, and that those claims are now important enough to warrant the Special Counsel’s attention.

While both the Mueller team, as well as the Senate Intelligence Committee, are now clearly investigating this dossier, the Senate panel’s chairman, Republican Richard Burr, still remains uncertain if the dossier is credible or not.

“The committee cannot really decide the credibility of the dossier without understanding things like who paid for it, who are your sources and sub-sources,” Burr said just yesterday.

With both groups now investigating Steele’s claims, it’s very likely that an ultimate conclusion will be made regarding whether or not the bulk of the information found within it is accurate. The dossier should also provide investigators with additional leads to follow.

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