Biden Once Looked Putin in His Eyes and Said, ‘You Have No Soul’


There is a lot to be said about former Vice President Joe Biden. While many people, whether they support him or not, look at Barack Obama as probably being the “coolest” President ever to hold office, Biden probably falls under the same category for his former position. There is no denying that both Obama and Biden are not friends with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that has been seen through various speeches, remarks and tweets by the two over the years.

With this said, however, it is one thing to tweet messages or release notes to the press, but another thing to stand right next to Vladimir Putin and tell him exactly how you feel. Biden has shown again and again why he is both a man of integrity and a man of honor, and in a speech he gave last night at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, while he received the Zbigniew Brzezinski annual prize, he had quite the story to tell about Putin.

“I got criticized when I was last with Putin and we were in his office alone,” Biden explained. “And he wanted to show me his magnificent office — and it was — and I had my arms up and I said, ‘It’s amazing what capitalism will do.’ And as I turned, we were coincidentally about [two feet] apart, looking at each other. I said, and I wasn’t being a wise guy, ‘Mr. President, I’m looking in your eyes and you have no soul.‘ And he looked back at me and he said, ‘We understand one another.’ It’s important to understand — not to threaten — to understand where the other person’s coming from”

Quite a remark from Biden, who provides a certainly different perspective toward Putin than President Trump and his administration does. For a Vice President to stand up to another nation’s leader, face to face, and tell him exactly how he feels about him as a person, takes a lot of guts, but there was never any denying that Biden has guts.

The complete video can be seen below:

Biden receives Brzezinski prize, tells Putin story

Former VP Joe Biden spoke Thursday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies while receiving the Zbigniew Brzezinski annual prize. Last night, Biden told a story about Vladimir Putin.

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