REPORT: Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson May Be Replaced By CIA Director Mike Pompeo


While rumors began swirling months ago that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may not be with the administration much longer, it wasn’t until this week that the volume of rumors about his pending departure was turned way up. Following reports by NBC News, which was confirmed by three separate sources within the Natural Security Agency and Trump’s own cabinet, Tillerson called the President a ‘moron’ back in late June.  This has allegedly made Trump furious as the White House sought to contain any damage earlier this week.

While publicly the President refuted the claim that Tillerson made those remarks, and appeared to back his Secretary of State on Twitter, sources within the White House claim that he is livid. Now a new report coming from Axios suggests that a replacement for Tillerson at the head of the State Department seems quite likely, and that replacement may be from within Trump’s own administration.

According to multiple sources, President Trump is considering CIA Director Mike Pompeo as Tillerson’s replacement. Pompeo, who appears to get along quite well with the President, would make a good fit as head of the State Depatment, at least from the Trump administration’s perspective. Pompeo and Trump seem to be on the same page on multiple issues and according to sources, both men have a mutual respect for one another. As CIA Director, Pompeo personally delivers the President’s daily brief and seemingly has a talent for being able to convey tough news to the him, as well as being able to push back in a manner that doesn’t offend the President.

Clearly by firing or forcing the resignation of the man who’s fourth in line for the Presidency would bring bad press, but at this point in time it appears as if the two men are not functioning in a cooperative manner like one would expect. No official move has been made yet, but indications point to the fact that one likely is forthcoming.

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