Trump’s Approval Ratings Embarrassingly Fall to Their Lowest Point Yet


When it comes to ratings, Trump has always taken a liking to them. Whether it was his TV show The Apprentice or his tweets about President Obama’s ratings before he was a candidate for President himself, Trump simply has always been infatuated with ratings. That is until he became President and came to the realization that his ratings simply are not good.

“Not good” might be considered an understatement, considering Trump’s approval ratings have been hovering in the 30-40 percent range since he has taken office. On Friday though, these numbers took yet another turn for the worse. According to the latest Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey, only 32 percent of Americans polled say that they approve of the job that Trump is doing, while a stunning 67 percent say that they disapproved.

This is Trump’s lowest approval rating yet, in what seems to be a consistent free fall since he took the oath of office on January 20. What is even more significant is the fact that now, for the first time ever, less than 1/3 of Americans actually approve of the President. Additionally only 23 percent of those polled said that they view President Trump as an honest man, and only 16 percent said they consider him to be “level-headed”. When it comes to leadership ability, a measly 26 percent said that he is a “strong leader”.

For Republicans, still 67% (about 2/3) say that they approve of the way Trump is handling his job, but when you compare these numbers to his Republican approval ratings in March, they are down significantly. In March, 80 percent of Republicans approved of his job — a decrease of 13%.

It seems as though, just as you don’t think Trump’s numbers can get any worse, they just so happen to do so. Let us know your thoughts on this all-time low for the President in the comments section below.