Report: Tillerson, Mattis and Mnuchin Have a ‘Suicide Pact’ Where If One Resigns, They All Do


Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a lot of talk over whether Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson will or will not resign his position in President Trump’s cabinet. While for now it appears as though Tillerson is keeping his job, that could possibly change as quickly as Trump can tweet “FAKE NEWS!”.

Apparently Trump is upset over the fact that rumors are spreading that Tillerson called him a “moron” behind his back. Things reached such a boiling point this week that Tillerson held a press conference to reiterate his support for the President, quite possibly and most likely at Trump’s command.

This has left political pundits wondering why Tillerson decided to back the President up rather than resign and keep some of his dignity. Now, one U.S. official tells Buzzfeed that he knows why Tillerson hasn’t resigned quite yet. His reasoning is that Tillerson, along with Defense Secretary James Mattis and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, have agreed to what he refers to as a “suicide pact”. Basically the alleged agreement between the three members of Trump’s cabinet is that if one of them resigns, the other two will follow suit. Given this note, it obviously would make a resignation a bit more difficult on Tillerson’s part, but at the same time it also provides leverage potentially getting Trump to see eye-to-eye with the three men.

It will be interesting to see exactly how this all plays out. Obviously if this pact has really been agreed upon, a firing of Tillerson would probably result in the same outcome, as if Tillerson were to voluntarily step down — an outcome that sees all three men leaving their posts. Trump certainly can’t be very happy about this, as he has already displayed fears of a coup from within the White House in the past.

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