Frank Sinatra Once Told Donald Trump to “Go F*** Himself”!


Donald Trump, Ivana Trump and Frank Sinatra in 1988.

When you become President of the United States of America, it certainly can bring stories out of the woodwork which may have been hidden for decades. This is certainly the case with Donald Trump, as it seems we have heard story after story of the now President, which he more than likely wished could have remained hidden in the depths of time.

The latest story comes from the former manager of legendary singer Frank Sinatra, Elliot Weisman, who just so happens to be writing a new book about Sinatra entitled, “The Way it Was”.

According to Weisman, Sinatra was slated to be a headline performer for the grand opening of Trump’s new casino and hotel, the Trump Taj Mahal in 1990. Sinatra had originally had a contract with the former owner of the venue, which outlined what he would be paid. However, Trump didn’t agree with Sinatra’s financial demands, believing that he was pricing himself too high.

Trump decided to renegotiate the terms with Sinatra, and started by saying that his costs were “a little rich”, according to Weisman. Trump also determined that he didn’t want Sinatra’s good friend and “Rat Pack” member, Sammy Davis Jr. to perform as a side act. Davis Jr., at the time, had just been diagnosed with cancer, which eventually led to his death. This caused Weisman to lose it, as he tried to choke Trump by his tie┬ábefore being restrained by his son, according to the Independent.

When Sinatra was told of Trump’s remarks, he demanded that either Weisman return a message to the now President of the United States, or that he would do so himself. That message was a clear and precise one, as Sinatra told Weisman to tell Trump to “go f*** himself”.

Lo and behold, Sinatra didn’t end up playing at the Grand Opening of the Taj Mahal, and instead booked a performance at another casino in Las Vegas.

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