Could the U.S. Go To War With North Korea Tonight?


For the past several months, the United States and North Korea have been frightfully entertaining the world with their war of words. While President Trump has taken all of the tactics which previous U.S. Presidents have used in order to tame North Korea and thrown them out of the White House window, Kim Jong-un seemingly takes Trump’s words with a grain of salt.

Tonight, the world may just find out if President Trump is willing to back up his threats of “fire and fury” or if he will simply back down from further North Korean signs of aggression. It is believed that Kim Jong-un will once again use an American holiday — this time Columbus Day — to test-fire more missiles.

Last week Russian lawmaker Anton Morozov warned that North Korea is preparing another launch, this time of a missile that could reach the West Coast of the United States. This comes on the heels of President Trump referring to a meeting which he was involved in as being “the calm before the storm”. When he was questioned by reporters about what he had meant, Trump simply responded, “You’ll find out.”

Just yesterday, Republican Senator Bob Corker told the media that he believes President Trump is putting the U.S. “on the path to World War III,” and then this morning, the author of ‘Art of the Deal’, Tony Schwartz, had some frightening words for America, in saying:

“Wag the Dog. Trump is willing to start a NUCLEAR WAR & kill tens of millions of people to divert attention from his failures. He is a madman.”

If in fact North Korea moves forward with another missile test, knowing Trump’s ego, it is probably safe to assume that his administration will react with more than just words. The question is, will Trump resort to further sanctions or would he be willing to officially wage war on the Asian nation? Unfortunately we might find out tonight.

Do you believe tonight will be the start of a war between the United States and North Korea? Let us know in the comments section below.