This is The Frightening Reason Why Tillerson Called Trump a ‘Moron’


Last week, we reported on a story written by NBC, claiming that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had called President Trump a “moron”. Since then, Trump has come out and called this report “Fake News”, but then slightly retracted on his statement when he challenged Tillerson to an IQ test earlier this week.

Now comes word, again from NBC News, that there is a pretty clear reason why Tillerson had motive to call Trump a ‘Moron’.

Apparently after having viewed charts and stats showing that the U.S. has been cutting our supply of nuclear weapons since the 1960s, Trump demanded that the country not only halt this decrease, but he suggested that we should increase our supply by tenfold. He actually told military leaders that he believed that our nuclear arsenal should be ten times the size it currently is.  This is what enraged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and according to some of the officials present at the meeting, just as the meeting broke up is when he referred to Trump as a ‘moron’.

Asking for a tenfold increase in our nuclear arsenal would certainly be seen as quite the moronic thing to say, considering that such an arsenal could probably destroy almost the entire planet several times over. As of 2014, it is said that the current U.S. nuclear arsenal is capable of destroying the entire United States 4 times. Why in the world would we need the capability of destroying more than this, unless we wanted to take out an entire planet?

While Trump suggested this increase in nuclear weapons, officials say that there are no plans to actually do so. Let us know your thoughts on this ‘moronic’ statement, in the comments section below.