Articles of Impeachment Against Trump Have Just Been Unveiled By House Democrat


While just about every president to serve as commander and chief of the United States has faced calls for impeachment by political pundits, citizens and even politicians, it’s not often that multiple articles of impeachment are brought forth by Congress.

This morning, Democratic Representative Al Green from Texas has unveiled articles of impeachment against our 45th President, Donald J. Trump. Green’s articles of impeachment argue that Trump ”is fueling an alt-right hate machine” which is “causing immediate injury to American society.” Green also goes on to argue that Trump is undermining “the integrity of his office” and is bringing “disrepute on the presidency.”

A few of the actions which Green cited as he read his articles of impeachment on the House floor today, include Trump’s accusation that President Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower, Trump’s lack of response to the Charlottesville, Va white supremacist march, and his repeated attacks on NFL players for utilizing their First Amendment right to free speech by protesting during the national anthem.

Green’s introduction of such articles are not the first to be introduced against President Trump. In fact, back in July Congressman Steve Cohen from the 9th District in Tennessee as well as a Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, introduced articles of impeachment, and in August Congressman Brad Sherman introduced a single article of impeachment as well.

While Green’s actions won’t lead to an immediate impeachment of the President, it is yet another step in that direction. The problem is that Republicans right now are unlikely to go along with any such action, meaning that until there is evidence of a crime, impeachment proceedings will likely have to wait.

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