Former GOP Congressman: Tillerson’s Fear That Trump Will Use Nukes Keeps Him From Resigning


The word ‘chaos’ doesn’t seem to go far enough in describing the Trump White House over the last couple of weeks. Following reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called the President a ‘moron’ during a meeting at the Pentagon, additional leaks pertaining to White House conversations have also begun to come to light. On top of all of this, one of the more highly respected GOP Senators, Bob Corker, has come out in full force against the President.

While the GOP has seemingly been biting their tongues when it comes to even remotely criticizing the President, comments like those coming from Senator Corker were bound to occur. Thus far Corker has been one of the few Republican voices to counter Trump’s seemingly irrational rhetoric, but this appears as if it’s about to change.

Political commentator Robert Reich, who has worked within the Ford, Carter and Clinton administrations, made an interesting post on Facebook last night. In the post, he describes a conversation he had with a former GOP member of Congress, which is quite terrifying but also enlightening. The full conversation can be found below:

Reich: So what’s up? Is Corker alone, or are others also ready to call it quits with Trump?
Ex GOP Congressman: All I know is they’re simmering over there.
Reich: Flake and McCain have come pretty close.
Ex GOP Congressman: Yeah. Others are thinking about doing what Bob did. Sounding the alarm. They think Trump’s nuts. Unfit. Dangerous.
Reich: Well, they already knew that, didn’t they?
Ex GOP Congressman: But now it’s personal. It started with the Sessions stuff. Jeff was as loyal as they come. Trump’s crapping on him was like kicking your puppy. And then, you know, him beating up on Mitch for the Obamacare fiasco. And going after Flake and the others.
Reich: So they’re pissed off?
Ex GOP Congressman: Not just that. I mean, they have thick hides. The personal stuff got them to notice all the other things. The wild stuff, like those threats to North Korea. Tillerson would leave tomorrow if he wasn’t so worried Trump would go nuclear, literally.
Reich: You think Trump is really thinking nuclear war?
Ex GOP Congressman: Who knows what’s in his head? But I can tell you this. He’s not listening to anyone. Not a soul. He’s got the nuclear codes and, well, it scares the hell out of him. It’s starting to scare all of them. That’s really why Bob spoke up.
Reich: So what could they do? I mean, even if the whole Republican leadership was willing to say publicly he’s unfit to serve, what then?
Ex GOP Congressman: Bingo! The emperor has no clothes. It’s a signal to everyone they can bail. Have to bail to save their skins. I mean, Trump could be the end of the whole goddam Republican party.
Reich: If he starts a nuclear war, that could be the end of everything.
Ex GOP Congressman: Yeah, right. So when they start bailing on him, the stage is set.
Reich: For what?
Ex GOP Congressman: Impeachment. 25th amendment.
Reich: You think Republicans would go that far?
Ex GOP Congressman: Not yet. Here’s the thing. They really want to get this tax bill through. That’s all they have going for them. They don’t want to face voters in ’18 or ’20 without something to show for it. They’re just praying Trump doesn’t do something really, really stupid before the tax bill.
Reich: Like a nuclear war?
Ex GOP Congressman: Look, all I can tell you is many of the people I talk with are getting freaked out. It’s not as if there’s any careful strategizing going on. Not like, well, do we balance the tax bill against nuclear war? No, no. They’re worried as hell. They’re also worried about Trump crazies, all the ignoramuses he’s stirred up. I mean, Roy Moore? How many more of them do you need to destroy the party?
Reich: So what’s gonna happen?
Ex GOP Congressman: You got me. I’m just glad I’m not there anymore. Trump’s not just a moron. He’s a despicable human being. And he’s getting crazier. Paranoid. Unhinged. Everyone knows it. I mean, we’re in shit up to our eyeballs with this guy.

While we do not know who this former Congressman is, his words certainly are enough to shed a tremendous amount of light on the GOP’s strategy moving forward. Let’s hear your thoughts on this conversation in the comments section below.