Watch Trump Begin to Leave Room, Forgetting To Sign Executive Order


While there are plenty of political pundits who both jokingly, as well as seriously, claim that the President’s mental capacity may be declining, yet another example of his forgetfulness seems to shed even more evidence on such claims.

If you may recall, back in March, President Trump walked out of the Oval Office following a photo op in which he was to sign multiple executive orders. The problem is that he never signed them. This forced Vice President Mike Pence to pick the documents up off of the President’s desk and chase him out of the door in order to get the President’s signature.

Well, here we are six and a half months later and a repeat of this March hiccup has just happened once again. As President Trump, White House staff, and other politicians and dignitaries gathered in the Oval Office for the signing of a controversial healthcare executive order, the President once more had to be reminded to actually sign the order prior to leaving the room. The full video clip of the chaos can be viewed below.

While I’m sure the daily stresses of being President are enough to make anyone forget even the simplest of tasks, one would have assumed that following the embarrassment in March, President Trump would have perhaps been a bit more vigilant. Maybe next time he should tie a red ribbon around his finger as a reminder.

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