“Trump lied. He was not self-funding”, says GOP Consultant


President Trump has always maintained his desires to “drain the swamp”, and take on the Presidency of the United States as an outsider with no ties to Washington DC. During his campaign, he repeatedly told America that he was self-funding his candidacy, and also tweeted to America the same message, saying:

“I don’t believe I have been given any credit by the voters for self-funding my campaign, the only one. I will keep doing, but not worth it!”

Surely he received a large number of votes partially because people believed that he wasn’t relying on any SuperPACs with ulterior motives. However, it now appears as though this was just one giant lie.

Actually this story first broke back in October of 2015, when the Washington Post reported that Trump’s campaign, including campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had been working with a superPAC called “Make America Great Again”. Trump’s campaign denied the allegations, but a GOP consultant named Cheri Jacobus insisted that the campaign and the superPAC were working together in order to raise money for candidate Trump. Now, 2 years later, Jacobus has decided to take to Twitter with more discussion on this topic.

“Trump lied,” tweeted Jacobus yesterday morning. “He was not self-funding. He had a superPAC in the primary. Lewandowski told me all about it then he & Trump lied to voters.”

Jacobus then went on to detail that campaign manager Corey Lewandowski actually threatened to sue the Washington Post, with no prevail, for running the story.

“Lewandowski threatened to sue the WaPo,” Jacobus explained. “Then he had to recant, especially after I confirmed the reporting…. Lewandowski told me all about the superPAC in May/June 2015.”

Jacobus provides a photo on her Twitter page showing that she had conversations with a man named Jim Dornan, who she claims was hired by Trump to work on the superPAC. (see image below)

Jacobus, who says that she spoke to the FBI about the matter, even takes things a step further when writer Frank C. Siraguso tried to work in a┬ánarrative that Trump was originally self-funding but then stopped. Her response was, “this was summer and fall of 2015. He was never self-funding, so your ‘he stopped self-funding’ is a lie. But nice try:)”.

The sad part here is that every lie that was told by members of the Trump campaign, and now the Trump administration, seems to be swept under the rug and simply deemed to be “FAKE NEWS” by Trump and his base. These are the dangers involved when respect for the First Amendment is put into question, like President Trump has done repeatedly over the past 10 months.

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