North Korea Issues Their Most Alarming Threat Yet to Guam and Trump


It is quite clear that President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have a war of words going on here. The only question that remains is whether or not that war of words will escalate into a war of the world. As the two nuclear powers face-off, calling each other names and threatening to wipe one another off the map, a new warning has just been issued by Jong-un’s regime and it may be his strongest yet.

“We have already warned several times that we will take counteractions for self-defence including a salvo of missiles into waters near the US territory of Guam, an advance base for invading the DPRK, where key US bases are located, as the US has resorted to military actions in sensitive regions, making the waters off the Korean peninsula and in the Pacific restless,” Kim Kwang Hak, a researcher at the DPRK’s Institute for American Studies wrote in a statement representing North Korea.

In addition to threatening Guam, a U.S. territory, with a ‘salvo of missiles,’ the rogue nation then continued to berate the United States and President Trump, using Trump’s harsh rhetoric towards them in order to rationalize to the world their pursuit of nuclear weapons.

“Its senseless military provocations make us keenly realize once again that we were quite right when we decided to bolster the nuclear deterrence for self-defence in every way, and harden our conviction that we have to keep to this path forever. The US military action hardens our determination that the US should be tamed with fire and lets us take our hand closer to “trigger” for taking the toughest countermeasure,” the commentary said.

President Trump has yet to react verbally to this latest provocation by Jong-un, however he has increased the number of U.S. Military war games in the region and has told top officials to be ready to act at any moment’s notice.

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