Hey Morons! Stop Asking The Clinton Foundation to Return Weinstein’s Money


Although we all know by now that Russian operatives working with the Kremlin-linked Internet Research Agency were, and currently are, on Twitter trying to influence American politics, sometimes it’s difficult to determine the Russian enemy from ignorant, spiteful Americans. This morning is a perfect example.

I usually wake up in the morning and check out the trending topics on Twitter. This is a great way to get a sudden burst of any news I may have missed during my 8 hour hiatus from the social media world. This morning I woke to find that the phrase “Harvey Weinstein’s $250,000” was trending. I immediately thought to myself that maybe this was a story about how Weinstein blew all his money and only had $250,000 left, but boy was I off. Apparently this phrase was trending because $250,000 was the amount of money that Weinstein, an accused sexual predator, had donated to the Clinton Foundation. There were literally hundreds of pissed off posts from what I hope are Russian bots and not actual American Citizens, claiming that the Clinton Foundation needs to immediately return this money to Weinstein.

Wait, what???? Yeah you didn’t read wrong. These morons (I’m sorry, but thats what you are if you aren’t a Russian bot) are saying that the charitable foundation founded by Bill Clinton should take $250,000 from the thousands of people they are helping, including starving children in Haiti, and return those funds to an accused sexual predator with an estimated net worth of approximately a quarter of a BILLION dollars.

Yeah I know, Weinstein donated over 2.3 million to Democrats recently, and yes, I do believe that these politicians should return the money, but to ask a charity to return funds to a sexual predator is about as ignorant and moronic as anything or anyone can get.

For all of you who still want to believe the made up conspiracy theory that the Clintons only use the money for personal use, here are some of the Foundation’s initiates which Weinstein’s donation likely helped achieve:

  • Helped 31,000 U.S. schools get healthier.
  • Provided training, seeds and fertilizer to 105,000 farmers in East Africa.
  • Helped digitized 1.8 million climate records in Kenya.
  • Improved literacy in Haiti.
  • Responded to earthquakes in Nepal.
  • Reduced deaths from prescription drug abuse in the U.S.
  • Committed to advancing secondary education for girls. Their efforts will reach more than 15 million girls by 2019.

Now be quiet!