James Comey’s Secret Twitter Account Just Revealed


Over the last year, if you were to ask any political pundit who they’d like to see on Twitter the most, that person likely would have been former FBI Directly James Comey. The former director, fired by President Trump back in May, has been at the center of politics for over a year now, spanning back to before the 2016 Presidential election. Blamed by both sides for interfering with the election, Comey has gone relatively quiet over the last 4 months, only making a few statements since his testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee back in June.

One could only imagine what Comey might have been tweeting had he been active on Twitter during some of President Trump’s most vile attacks toward him and the FBI. And although Comey himself admitted to having a secret Twitter account months ago, there was no hard evidence as to what that account was or if Comey was serious in his admission.

Late this morning, it has been confirmed that an account going by the username Reinhold Niebuhr is actually controlled by none other than James Comey himself. The account, which was created way back in February of 2014, is named after the late Reinhold Niebuhr, an American theologian, ethicist and commentator on politics and public affairs.

While Comey has not posted anything at all political, and doesn’t seem to show any signs of doing such, today’s tweet (image above) by the former FBI Director from that account all but confirmed he’s the one behind it. In addition to the image he tweeted this morning of himself standing on a rural road in Iowa, longtime friend Benjamin Wittes confirmed that the account is in fact that of Comey’s.

Thus far the only material tweeted by the former FBI director is that of nature scenes, as Comey seems to be leaving politics aside even as the President seems to continue to bash him and the intelligence agencies on a regular basis.

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