U.S. Troops View White Nationalism as a National Security Threat


It takes brave men and women to represent America in the military. We, as a country, are constantly facing threats to national security from abroad. However, a recent poll by the ArmyTimes indicates that military personnel not only view enemies from abroad as the greatest threats to national security, but they also view white nationalism as a threat as well.

In a poll which surveyed 1,131 active duty male and female military personnel, 76 percent of whom were white, 9 percent African American, 8 percent Hispanic and 2 percent Asian, found that a stunning 25% said that they had seen white nationalism among their fellow servicemen in the military. What is even more surprising though is that these troops said that they viewed this movement as a greater national security threat than the threats they see from Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Additionally, 42 percent of the non-white troops who were surveyed, said that they have personally experienced examples of white nationalism in the military. In all, 30 percent of those surveyed viewed white nationalism as a “significant danger”. This compares to Syria (27 percent), Pakistan (25 percent), Afghanistan (22 percent) and Iraq (17 percent).

This poll brings up some issues that many of us probably were not aware of, and enforces the idea that white nationalism needs to be halted from the top of our government downward. President Trump has repeatedly tried to avoid discussions on such topics, and that has a tendency to only enforce white nationalism on all levels. Let us know your thoughts on this survey in the comments section below.