Sally Yates Just Issued a Scathing Twitter Attack Of President Trump


Her name has not been in the news a lot lately, following her May 8 testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia. With that said, the former Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, who was fired by President Trump after she told the Justice Department that Trump’s immigration-related executive order was neither defensible in court, nor upheld by the Constitution, has clearly been paying attention to politics.

This morning, after nearly two months of public silence, Yates decided to chime in on Twitter about the current President and the lack of truth that he exudes, warning Americans that we can not normalize such behavior.

“We can’t let POTUS’s complete indifference to truth become ours. Constant barrage may be exhausting, but normalizing it is too dangerous,” Yates tweeted just after 9:30 AM Eastern time.

Yates’ tweet came amid a flurry of tweets, both by President Trump and GOP Senator Bob Corker, attacking one another. Corker’s tweets expressed the same basic concern as Yates’, questioning the truthfulness of the President, his actions and where those actions may eventually lead us as a nation. Certainly the President can’t be too happy about this barrage of attacks so early in the morning, especially as he tries to concentrate on getting a tax plan passed during a scheduled visit today to Capital Hill.  Certainly members of the GOP can’t be too happy at the infighting within the party ahead of today’s scheduled meeting.

Let’s hear your thoughts on Yates breaking her silence to attack the President. Discuss in the comments section below.