Watch As a Protestor Throws Russian Flags At President Trump, Yelling ‘Trump is Treason’


There is little doubt that many American citizens feel that President Trump, at the very least, tried to commit some form of treason while colluding with Russianto tilt the election in his favor. Whether treason is the right word to describe collusion, or if collusion did in fact happen is yet to be confirmed, but one protestor today at the Capital building didn’t appear to want to wait for Robert Mueller and Congress to complete their investigations.

As President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell walked down the hall of the Capital building this afternoon, a protester threw multiple small Russian flags in the direction of the two men as he began to yell out, “Trump is treason, Trump is treason, Trump is treason, Trump is treason.”

It took approximately 10 seconds before security was able to get to the man and escort him out of the Capital building, but that was enough time for him to continue his tirade against both President Trump as well as Congress.

“Why are you talking about tax cuts when you should be talking about treason? Why is Congress talking about tax cuts when they should be talking about Treason? This president conspired with agents of the Russian government to steal an election. We should be talking about treason in Congress, not about tax cuts,” the man continued.

While both McConnell and Trump seemed unfazed by the protestor’s words, there is no doubt that they heard just about every word that he said. While this individual may have taken things a bit too far, his sentiment echoes that of many Americans frustrated by the inaction of the GOP in Congress as Russia continues to meddle in American politics.

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