#TrumpDossier: It’s Not a ‘Bombshell’ You Moronic Hypocrites


Ok, so maybe I got a little bit carried away with the title of this piece, but as I watched conservative news last night, I counted at least seven times that I puked a little bit in my mouth. As the largest investigation into a sitting President, that has ever occurred in this country, moves full steam ahead, once again the GOP has turned Trump accusations into Hillary Clinton crimes.

Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram and numerous other popular conservative news (I mean storytelling) commentators embraced a Washington Post story yesterday as if it was the end of the Democratic party and provided complete vindication of their beloved President Trump. The story, by the same newspaper that these highly paid storytellers have repeatedly called ‘FAKE NEWS”, indicated that a lawyer connected to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, as well as the DNC, paid for the continued compilation of the Steele Dossier.

Immediately numerous conservative outlets came on air with “BREAKING NEWS, or as Lou Dobbs put it on Fox Business, “Big News!”. Hannity argued that because those associated with Clinton had paid Fusion GPS for opposition research, it was Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump who was colluding with the Russians. Hannity also made it a point to claim that Clinton, Comey, Obama and Robert Mueller were working together in order to discredit Trump. He then went a step further, saying “Robert Mueller must resign now!”

In the midst of one of the largest investigations to ever take place in American politics, conservatives have found a way to blame Clinton for what Trump has been accused of, while also concocting a story to link the non-partisan former FBI Director and current Special Counsel to a conspiracy which they believe should force his resignation. Note that these are the same people who were instrumental in creating buzz around the Seth Rich and Pizzagate stories earlier in the year.  If President Trump is guilty, last night was a dream come true for him. Not only did the conservative media (I hate calling them that) discredit the current investigation going on around him, his family and his campaign, but they did so by slandering four of Trump’s biggest political opponents, Comey, Mueller, Clinton and Trump.

Let me make something absolutely clear. The private investigation leading up to the Steele dossier was launched at the request of a key Republican. When the information was no longer useful to this unknown individual, the contents were apparently offered to Democrats. The DNC and those connected with the Clinton Campaign decided to continue paying for this investigation. Much of the information found within the dossier has been corroborated by the FBI. In fact, the FBI regarded the information so highly that they continued the investigation themselves. Paying an American company for opposition research happens in just about all campaigns. There is absolutely no evidence that the DNC nor Clinton broke any laws in their paid collection of such information.

While all of this happens, the same people trying to spin this into a major Clinton conspiracy are ignoring the evidence that’s right in front of their faces. Do you recall the email showing that Trump’s eldest son, at the very least, attempted to collude with an agent of a hostile foreign power? I certainly do!

Let me also make it as clear as day. If it turns out that Hillary Clinton in some way, shape or form colluded with Russian agents to accomplish a goal which they sought to achieve, then she too deserves prison.  You also won’t find me trying to turn the story completely on it’s head to somehow implicate Clinton’s political opponents.  You see, I want everyone to pay for their crimes, not just the people who have the same ideologies as I do.  It’s time for the consverative media, the GOP in the House and the Senate and Republican voters to do the same!

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