Jeff Flake Just Indicated That The GOP Civil War is Only Beginning


With yesterday’s news that GOP Senator Jeff Flake would not seek reelection when his term is up, due to his disagreements with how his party and the current political landscape has shaped up to be under President Trump, there has been a lot of talk as to what will ultimately happen within the Republican party.

Flake, who has refused to rule out challenging President Trump in the 2020 primaries, did indicate that he doesn’t believe he will be the last GOP Senator to speak out against his own party and the President, when all is said and done.

In an interview this morning with Good Morning America (seen below), Flake said, “A lot of my colleagues have spoken out and I think a lot more will.” He also emphasized that he believes that these same colleagues must speak up when it comes to the president’s “tweeting and the behavior that just isn’t becoming and is beneath the office of the president.”

What’s interesting to note here is the fact that Flake still has 14 months left in office, and those 14 months will certainly be a tenacious period of time, not only for Flake, but for the GOP Senate as well. The question that remains is whether Flake, along with Senators John McCain and Bob Corker, will ultimately represent a small minority within their party or if they will lead their party in doing what they believe is right for America and right for the GOP as a whole, in opposing many of President Trump’s seemingly undemocratic ideologies.

Flake was very outspoken in the interview this morning about Trump’s attacks on the press, and the president’s tweets about the removal of  ‘licenses’ from many within the press that he disagrees with. This would seemingly be against the ideologies held by a traditional conservative, yet many GOP Senators still are standing by simply watching and listening as the President directly attacks the First Amendment and the Freedom of the Press.

Only time will tell if more GOP Senators stand up and speak out against Trump, but if Flake’s interview is any indication, we may see more attacks originating from conservatives in the near future. Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section below.