Trump’s Campaign Asks for ‘Thank You’ Notes in Obnoxious Email to Supporters


Being the President of the United States isn’t easy. There is no arguing that, but never before in the history of America has a President’s own campaign team asked their supporters to thank the President. Never before though, have we had a President whose ego required a feeding every few hours, like we do in President Trump. That’s why, reports of a recent email that went out to supporters of President Trump yesterday, aren’t really all that surprising. That email, in essence, was sent out to entice supporters to personally send President Trump a “Thank You Note”. It read as follows:

You see, President Trump has the most thankless job in America. He’s been tasked with undoing the damage from the last 8 years of Obama’s failed policies — destroying healthcare, halting our economy, and embarking on a world apology tour decimating America’s standing as the world’s leading superpower.

No matter what President Trump does, someone is going to be upset, unhappy, and out to get him.

That is where you come in (name of supporter). There is one thing President Trump needs more than anything else — he needs our support.

So if our records are correct and you do in fact support President Trump’s agenda, will you take the next step and thank him today?

Below the letter, within the HTML-based email, was a box which read “Personally Thank President Trump:” followed by text within that box reading, “Enter your personal thank you message for President Trump”.

With any other President of the United States, the public would probably feel as though someone on his campaign team was playing some sort of practical joke, but knowing our current President and his need for constant ego feedings, this really isn’t all that surprising.

Let us know what you think about this almost obnoxious demand for thanks, in the comments section below.