Trump Allows a Mar-a-Lago Member Accused of Rape to Stay in the U.S.


Since the 2016 presidential campaign began, President Trump has been telling America that he wants to put his foot down when it comes to immigration, mostly so that he can prevent criminals from entering this country. The premise makes sense, but so far his plan doesn’t seem to be working — if that was actually his plan from the start.  At least it hasn’t worked in the case of one Chinese man who has been accused of rape in his native country.

It all started back in 2014 when a billionaire developer, named Guo Wengui, fled his native China after he found out he was about to get arrested on charges of kidnapping, bribery and rape. Earlier this year, President Trump made it clear that he believed that Guo was a “Chinese criminal” and that the United States should deport him immediately, after China sent America a letter asking for Mr. Guo’s extradition.

“We need to get this criminal out of the country,” Trump is said to have told his secretary.

Trump’s tune changed, according to the Wall Street Journal, after learning that Mr. Guo was a paying member at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, and subsequently had his aides work to get his deportation back to China canceled.  Of course none of this was announced publicly by Trump or his administration though.

To this day, Mr. Guo has been provided safety here in the U.S., amid allegations of several crimes, including rape. The only reason he appears to have escaped deportation seems to be because of his membership to the President’s high-priced luxury resort.

Is President Trump playing favorites? Is he giving preferential treatment to people who pay him? It certainly seems that way. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.