Watch as Joy Reid Debunks The Whole Uranium One Story Within Minutes


By now, at least if you’ve even flipped by Fox News channel, you have heard about the Uranium One scandal, which the right claims is ‘much worse’ than the whole Trump/Russia collusion scandal. Those on Fox News, especially Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, have been pushing this story in what appears to be an attempt to muddy the waters around the whole Mueller investigation. In fact, they have even gone as far as to claim that Mueller can not be trusted as Special Counsel since he was serving as the director of the FBI during the time of the Uranium One deal.

The deal, however, had very little to do with Clinton. and the timing between the deal and the alleged ‘bribes’ paid to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton via speaking fees do not align with the right’s conspiracy.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid was so fed up with the way that those on the right are trying to discredit the real investigation into Trump by putting out a false narrative, that she spent a few minutes completely debunking the entire scandal. Watch it below.

Many of those on the left already knew much of what Reid had to say here, but it seems as if those on the right rather not pay attention to what the real story is. As Mueller begins indicting people in his investigation, look for more false information to come about in order to protect President Trump.  Let’s hear your thoughts on Clinton’s role in the Uranium One deal in the comments section below.