Mueller Hands Down 2 Major Indictments in the Trump/Russia Investigation


The suspense is over, at least for now. While much of the nation was waiting to see who would be indicted and arrested in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, news broke this morning by the New York Times that it is Trump’s ex-campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his former business associate, Rick Gates, who have been told by the Mueller team to turn themselves in today.

Manafort has been under investigation for some time now, and several months ago had his home raided by authorities. Many people had expected that he would be the first one to be indicted in Mueller’s investigation, but no one, expected Rick Gates, who has been a relatively unknown figure to have an indictment handed down on him as well.

Gates is said to be a “protégé” of Manafort, meaning he could hold the keys to a lot of information that could convince Manafort to talk. If Gates is threatened with serious prison time, he might be willing to flip on Manafort, who in turn could be convinced to flip on other members of the Trump campaign.  Gates, as some of you may recall, was blamed for plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech back in July, so this isn’t the first shady business he’s been known to be involved in.

Reports indicate that Paul Manafort has been told to turn himself in today at the courthouse. We are awaiting any additional details which may be forthcoming, related to the charges that they are both facing. Let us know your thoughts on these arrests, in the comments section below.