Indictment Unsealed Against Manafort / Gates – Charged With 12 Counts!


Just about 90 minutes ago we all learned that two individuals connected to the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, had been ordered to turn themselves in on federal charges. These first two indictments in the Mueller probe, certainly are a big deal for all of those within the Trump campaign and Trump administration. Up until this point there was no indication as to what the charges being brought involved, as the indictment was still sealed.

Just moments ago, the Department of Justice has unsealed the indictment, and the charges are substantial. According to the filing, there are a total of 12 counts charged against the two men, included: Conspiracy against the United States, Conspiracy to launder money, 7 counts of failure to report foreign bank and financial accounts, Unregistered agent of a foreign principal, False and misleading FARA statements and False statements.

The entire 31 page indictment can be read below:

These are substantial charges, with many that could likely be directly linked to Manafort’s work for the Trump Campaign, as many of these charges include crimes committed between the years of 2005 and 2017. While we don’t know what the evidence is for these crimes, if these two men are found guilty of even just a handful of the alleged crimes, they could be looking at decades in prison.

Mueller likely will be using this indictment to try and force some sort of plea deal with Manafort and Gates. There are only a few people who are above Manafort on the Totem poll, and one of them is President Trump.

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