VIDEO: Man Plows Down Cyclists & Shoots Pedestrians in Manhattan


We are coving a breaking story out of Lower Manhattan, right by the World Trade Center, near the West Side Highway. For those familiar with Manhattan, this is the Tribeca neighborhood. Reports have indicated that a man in a Home Depot-rented pickup truck plowed into a group of cyclists before then opening fire on another crowd of people.  Reports from the scene indicate that there are at least 8 deaths and as many as 12 injured following this attack, which occurred just moments ago. Also according to witnesses, the truck drove the wrong way down a bike path.

Early reports have indicated that the perpetrator has been shot and detained by police. Authorities are reporting that this appears to be a terrorist attack. Police on the scene claim that the man had a paintball gun and a BB gun and yelled ‘allahu akbar’ as he exited his vehicle. Below are several videos from minutes after the attack. Be warned that these videos are very graphic in nature.