Articles to Impeach Trump To Be Filed By Multiple House Members By Thanksgiving


As it appears more and more likely that the Trump campaign did seek to collude with Russia at the very least, many Republicans have become silent when it comes to the Mueller probe. Meanwhile Democrats have become more outspoken, pointing to the evidence that’s already been made public, showing that senior campaign advisers gave the go-ahead for campaign officials to meet and talk to Russian officials prior to the election in November of last year.

As this information slowly gets released via court documents, it appears that Democratic members of the House of Representatives — the side of Congress responsible for impeaching a sitting President — are planning something big. What is that plan? A coordinated effort to impeach the President of the United States.

US Representative Luis Gutierrez, from Illinois has just told an audience at the City Club in Chicago that he is helping to spearhead the first coordinated effort to impeach Donald Trump. According to those who heard Gutierrez speak, he said that himself and several fellow members of the House Judiciary Committee intend to “file articles of impeachment against Trump before Thanksgiving.” (November 23).

While this will not be the first articles of impeachment filed against the President, it would be the very first coordinated effort by multiple members of Congress. Representative Al Green filed his own articles back in the beginning of this month, while Representatives Steve Cohen and Brad Sherman have also introduced such articles earlier in the year.

While this, by no means, indicates that Trump will be impeached, especially given the fact that the House of Representatives is tilted greatly in the favor of Republicans, it is the start of a concerted effort to try and remove the President from office.

At the pace that Mueller’s investigation is going, it is entirely possible that we will have learned substantially more information about just how close to Russia the Trump campaign and the President may have been leading up to his election victory last November. Such details could play a significant role in just how many other US Representatives join Gutierrez’s cause.

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