US Prosecutors Consider Charging 6 Russians in DNC Hacking Case


Despite the fact that the President of the United States has yet to admit that it was Russia, not China or a 400 pound fat kid sitting in his mother’s basement, who hacked the DNC’s emails last year, leaking them to Wikileaks, new information has pretty much confirmed that this is the case.

Reports coming from the Wall Street Journal indicate that the United States Department of Justice has gathered enough evidence in the DNC hacking case to formerly charge at least six Russians, with direct ties to the Kremlin, with the crime. The report indicates that it is possible that charges will be brought some time next year in this case, but it appears as if the DOJ will hold off for the time being, perhaps in an effort to try and arrest some of the suspects while they travel outside of the non extraditable nation of Russia. Oftentimes the US DOJ will arrest Russian nationals while they are on vacation in extraditable nations, as we have seen quite often in past hacking and financial crime cases.

The biggest implication of the DOJ possibly indicting these individuals would be that if they have evidence that the Trump campaign or even the President himself worked with any of these six Russians, then those individuals could also be indicted as co-conspirators if a racketeering charge is brought by Mueller and his team. This would allow the government to charge campaign officials or even the President with the same crimes that these individuals committed, regardless of their exact role in the conspiracy.

While we do not know quite yet if the DOJ does plan on linking these 6 suspects to the Trump campaign, if there is a link, then those who are connected could be facing decades in prison if found guilty. In addition to solidifying the government’s case against Russia, this move by the DOJ may also put further pressure on the multiple individuals within the White House that the Special Counsel is expected to interview in the coming four weeks.

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