President Trump Retweeted Compliment to Him From a Fake Russian Account


If it’s not bad enough that thousands of Russian-created Twitter and Facebook accounts appear to have helped President Trump win the 2016 Presidential election, breaking news coming to us this morning indicating that the President’s cabinet and even the President himself indirectly helped these accounts spread their messages.

In the past, we reported the fact that Trump Advisor Roger Stone, Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn Jr. all retweeted accounts on Twitter which have been linked directly to the Kremlin-backed company called Internet Research Agency. Today, however, thanks to Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, who sits on the Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law, we have discovered that President Trump himself actually retweeted a compliment posted to him, which comes directly from an unauthentic Russian Twitter account.

The account in question, @10_gop, tweeted the following message to the President on September 19, 2017: “We love you, Mr. President.” Soon after, President Trump retweeted this message to all 40 million+ followers of his. Additionally, Trump’s former campaign manager and current ‘Counselor to the President’ also retweeted this exact same message to all of her followers.

While this does not directly link Trump or his campaign to these Russian accounts in a criminal sense, it does show that multiple campaign officials and those within the President’s administration, including the President himself used Russian propaganda in an effort to make themselves look better to the American people.

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