BREAKING: Incriminating New Putin-Trump Timeline Indicates Collusion


Ever since Special Counsel Robert Mueller unsealed court documents showing the indictment of former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos as well as the plea deal which followed, the Trump administration has downplayed the role that Papadopoulos played within the campaign. The indictments filed by Mueller didn’t really go all that in-depth, but did state that some of the information was left off of the official document.

It now appears as though Robert Mueller did indeed leave quite some substantial information off of this indictment and plea deal documentation. Just moments ago, Attorney, and Professor of Journalism Law at the University of New Hampshire, Seth Abramson, released earth-shattering allegations which appear to show collusion between Candidate Trump, George Papadopoulos and Russian President Vladimir Putin, among others. If true, these allegations also show that President Trump has lied about Papadopoulos’ role within the campaign.

The entire document can be seen below. Abramson state that the sources of this information are from the following: “Reporters at Ta Nea (Greece), Kathimerini (Greece), SKAI TV (Greece), Sky News (UK), independent research (Putin travel itinerary). Credit also to @scottmstedman for his excellent work on Medium regarding ongoing Kammenos-Putin and Kammenos-Papadopoulos ties.”

Abramson goes on to note that he believes that this “new reporting” reveals that Trump has lied repeatedly about his contacts with Papadopoulos, and that it shows that Mueller intentionally left all of the relevant Trump information off of Papadopoulos’ plea deal. He also noted that Papadopoulos’ email to Paul Manafort came less than a week before he visited Athens at the same time Putin was there.

If this is all true, which it appears to be, then Mueller might already have enough information to indict several more Trump officials and certainly make the case for impeachment a rather clear one. This would almost certainly indicate a form of collusion between Trump and the Russian government.  It’s also worth noting that it appears as though foreign governments are now working with Robert Mueller on this investigation.  Certainly Greece isn’t the only country providing intelligence to the Special Counsel.

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