Jimmy Kimmel’s Brilliant Troll Of Trump Supporters May Save Lives


If you watch Jimmy Kimmel live on a regular basis, then you know that he’s certainly not a supporter of President Trump and certainly not a supporter of Trump and the GOP’s views on healthcare in America. He has repeatedly used his son’s heart condition as a way to show the American people that the Republican’s various healthcare proposals are harmful to thousands of families in this country.

In what may be his most brilliant move yet, Kimmel may actually now be convincing Trump supporters to enroll in Obamacare at Healthcare.gov, thanks to a recent show of his. Following his show earlier this week, Kimmel decided to post a video clip of a fake commercial for ‘TrumpCare’. Above the video, he posted the following comment:

“Credit where credit is due. President Donald J. Trump promised health care and he delivered… #TrumpCare”

Many surprised Trump supporters praised Kimmel following the posting of that video.

“BINGO. THANK YOU for being REAL with all this Trump stuff. FINALLY an American who behaves like an AMERICAN. LOVE YOU,” wrote Joanne Palumbo.

“Gotta love Jimmy for keeping an open mind. Goes a lot into healing the divide,” wrote Anastasia on Facebook.

What makes this prank by Kimmel so incredible is the fact that he found a way to get Trump supporters to support Obama’s Affordable Care Act, simply by calling the healthcare plan ‘TrumpCare”. What makes this even more incredible is the fact that Kimmel never even admits that he’s trolling Trump supporters, playing the segment off as if he really did have a change of heart. By doing this, he may have actually convinced Trump supporters to go to Healthcare.gov and enroll in Obamacare this month during the open enrollment period.

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