Trump Allegedly Spoke to Putin in Moscow, Took Part In Quid Pro Quo


While there has been a ton of speculation regarding possible tapes of Trump kompromat that Vladimir Putin and Russia may be in possession of, up until this point, the only real evidence of such are the claims made within the Steele dossier that BuzzFeed published back in January of this year. Early this morning, however, an 88-post Twitter thread by journalist and attorney Seth Abramson has shed light on what appears to have possibly been a quid pro quo between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The alleged incident, which took place back in November of 2013 at Trump’s Miss Universe pageant, could very well be the smoking gun that the mainstream media and Special Counsel Robert Mueller are after.

Abramson’s thread points to the fact that during his trip to Moscow on November 9-11, 2013 for the pageant, Trump surrounded himself with business people and those necessary to sign a deal which would bring a Trump Tower project to Moscow. Additionally, Putin, who had originally planned on meeting Trump at the pageant, instead sent numerous individuals tied to the Russian construction sector to the event. Abramson goes into detail as to who was there and why each of these individuals seem to incriminate Trump even further, but the main argument he makes is as follows:

Before I begin, please recall the tweet made by actor Tom Arnold on October 16 of this year? It read, “Trump loves Chuck Labella. I’d kill if a reporter asked DJT about him. Chuck can confirm pee pee tape and Putin call & Apprentice Miss U filth.”

While such a tweet may seem like a washed up actor trying to once again enter the limelight, the details pointed out this morning by Abramson seem to suggest that Arnold actually does have an inside scoop into what really happened that weekend in Moscow.

The day, and then the months following the Moscow Pageant, several key details have emerged, thanks to the historical nature that the internet provides us all. Up until that November 9th weekend in Moscow, there was no indication that any possible Trump Tower deal in Russia was on the tables, however on November 11th, as the trip wound down, Trump made several tweets thanking individuals in Moscow and bragging about his future plans.

“@AgalarovAras I had a great weekend with you and your family. You have done a FANTASTIC job. TRUMP TOWER-MOSCOW is next. EMIN was WOW!” Trump tweeted.

Recall that Aras Agalarov was the Russian developer who was instrumental in setting up the infamous Don Jr. Trump Tower meeting which occurred in June of 2016.  Agalarov is known to have strong ties with Putin and the Kremlin. This is the meeting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, as well as the House and the Senate are looking at as possible evidence of Russian collusion.

Then on November 12th, Trump posted a link to the Moscow Times, once again hinting that his brand was headed to Moscow:

“Via @MoscowTimes Donald Trump Planning Skyscraper in Moscow.”

It seems apparent that the Moscow deal was set up and finalized during Trump’s weekend stay in Moscow for his Miss Universe pageant, but that’s not where it all ends. Just over two months after the pageant, and approximately 18 months prior to Trump announcing his candidacy for President, on January 22, 2014, a woman named Alferova Yulya tweeted a picture of her and Trump taken at the pageant. It read, “I’m sure @realdonaldtrump will be a great president! We’ll support you from Russia! America needs ambitious leader!”

Yulya, an Agalarov employee who worked on the pageant, appeared to have known that Trump was running for President (in the 2016 election) well before any announcement was made in the United States. In fact, it wasn’t for another 18 months that Trump officially made such an announcement.

So we have now established that during the pageant, Trump’s Moscow real estate deal appeared to have been finalized, while also Trump, at the very least, told associates of Putin that he would be running for President in three years. This, in and of itself, would amount to a quid pro quo, but if you brought Putin directly into the equation then the smoking gun has the President’s fingerprints all over it.

Tom Arnold claims that not only did Trump speak with Putin at the pageant, but that the conversation was recorded by the Russian leader as a form of kompromat. There is no reason to believe that Putin would not have taken part in a conference call, especially given the fact that he originally planned to attend the event — or at least acted like he planned to.

While it is impossible, at this time, for us to be 100% certain that a direct quid pro quo took place in November of 2013 between Putin and Trump, the slow leak of information that we have seen certainly continues to point in this direction.

According to Abramson, the mainstream media is very well aware of these allegations, but are waiting on leaks from either the Mueller investigation or from investigations in Congress to confirm the information they are sitting on. The full thread by Abramson, which goes into further details regarding additional Kompromat that is sexual in nature, can be seen here.

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