POLL: Should President Trump Fire Robert Mueller?




Starting last night, President Trump and his attorney John Dowd went on the attack of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  Trump has taken to Twitter with attacks questioning the integrity of Mueller and his investigation, which has now expanded to include the Trump family businesses as well as Trump’s personal finances.

Far-right-leaning website, The Drudge Report has published a DRUDGE POLL which has gone viral among Trump supporters, asking if President Trump should fire Robert Mueller.  So far, the poll is extremely lopsided in favor of Trump firing the Special Counsel.  We have decided to post a poll of our own, asking the same question.  Please vote below, and share via social media.

Robert Mueller has been nothing but an American hero — a man with conservative values, and a man of the utmost integrity — for his entire life. Just about all Republicans even said so until that ‘honor and integrity’ began to get close to President Trump.

Robert Mueller has served in Vietnam, taking a bullet in his leg while rescuing his fellow men. Even after being shot, he continued the mission to save more soldiers. Then he refused to go home, instead choosing to stay in Vietnam. He didn’t volunteer for his position as Special Counsel.

Instead, Trump appointee and fellow Republican, Rod Rosenstein, called Mueller out of retirement to investigate Russian meddling.  You tell us!  Should Mueller’s investigation continue unimpeded or should he be fired?

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See Drudge Poll.