How to Watch the Undercover Channel 4 Cambridge Analytica Operation That They Don’t Want You to See


As you have all likely heard by now, the Cambridge Analytica scandal has deepened considerably over the last several days, after a whistleblower named Christopher Wylie came forward. Wylie was a former employee for the company, who now says that Cambridge Analytica stole data from over 50 million Facebook users before using that data within their profiling algorithm to find mental vulnerabilities of American voters. Wylie claims that these vulnerabilities were then exploited by the company and their clients.

The Trump campaign was one client of Cambridge Analytica who appears to have utilized these exploits in order to target messages and news stories to American voters, perhaps influencing their votes in the 2016 election.

Channel 4 News, a British news program, went undercover as prospective clients to infiltrate the company and gather evidence of some of the abuses of trust that Cambridge Analytica was apparently perpetrating with this stolen data. Today at 3PM EST, Channel 4 News will air their exposé detailing this undercover operation. The video is below:

As you all may also be aware, both Cambridge Analytica and Facebook have threatened lawsuits against Channel 4 News if they air this segment.  Channel 4 has decided to take the chance and go forward with this highly anticipated exposé.