Donald Trump Has Just Boycotted Fox News


While the Republican race heats up for the 2016 Presidential election here in the United States, and billionaire businessman-turned-politician Donald Trump loses a bit of his luster, things are sure to get interesting. With fellow Republican candidates such as Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson all gaining steam, Trump looks to regain some of the headlines which helped initially push him to a double digit lead over the competition.d2

Trumps dominance was ignited with controversy and a bit of a war with Fox News and Megyn Kelly, and it looks like this battle just heated up once again.

After Fox News allegedly aired attack after attack against the billionaire over the last couple of days, Trump quickly got on the offensive once again via Twitter, claiming that the news network was taking an approach which supported Liberals. Wait! What? The news station, which some would say is the mouthpiece for the Republican Party, is favoring Liberals now?

“@glendabelle_11: @FoxNews Fox has become a supporter of Liberals! They are Not supporting the GOP candidates-especially Trump! Quit watching,” Trump tweeted yesterday afternoon.

While it is understandable that Trump is a bit agitated by the constant barrage of attacks from the station, most d3political pundits would certainly argue against them favoring liberals. After all, the majority of the content on the network is anti-Obama and anti-Liberal, with a heavy favoring towards conservatism.

Trump wasn’t done though. In fact he made several tweets all directed towards Fox News and their biased approach, finally concluding that he would no longer be appearing on the station.

“@FoxNews has been treating me very unfairly & I have therefore decided that I won’t be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future,” Trump explained in another tweet.

After dipping a bit in many of the polls, perhaps he also felt it was now time to get back to his Megyn Kelly-bashing routes by firing off another angry message towards the Fox anchor.

“Do you ever notice that lightweight @megynkelly constantly goes after me but when I hit back it is totally sexist. She is highly overrated!” he tweeted Tuesday. He also went on to tell Kelly to “take another eleven day ‘unscheduled’ vacation.”

Trump certainly doesn’t need Fox in order to get his message across to Americans, but boycotting the network certainly could lead to an even larger feud, and perhaps turn some of Fox’s loyal viewers against the big-mouthed businessman.  What do you think?