Kim Davis Mocked by New Billboard in Hometown


The nation was forced to choose sides earlier this month in the battle between Kim Davis and the gay and lesbian couples she refused to issue marriage licenses to. After serving time in jail, and being released last Tuesday with strict a3orders from the judge not to interfere with her office’s issuance of marriage licenses, Davis will return to work tomorrow.

Those on both sides of the battle are anxiously waiting to see just what her next move will be. Will she prevent her office from issuing the licenses, ensuring an even longer stay in jail this time, or will she allow the licenses to be issued against her beliefs? Perhaps she will do the honorable thing and resign her position, thus allowing for another individual to fulfill the duties the the county clerk is supposed to perform.

No matter what she has up her sleeve come Monday, a Topeka, Kansas-based organization, called Planting Peace, which has a goal of quite simply, promoting piece, decided to purchase a billboard in Davis’ hometown which mocks the Rowan County clerk. The billboard reads, “Dear Kim Davis, the fact that you can’t sell your daughter for three goats and a cow means we’ve already redefined marriage.”

The message cleverly refers to a bible scripture which allows for the sale of a woman into marriage as a form of slavery in exchange for farm animals, and is clearly meant to point out the fact that a1Davis seems to be picking and choosing the parts of the Bible which suits her agenda best.

“We have to meet hate with love … intolerance with compassion,” Planting Peace said in their statement. “There are LGBTQ youth across the world who are taking their lives at an alarming rate because of these messages from society that make them feel broken or less than.”

Planting Peace is not exactly known for their stance on LGBT issues, concentrating primarily on issues such as the healthcare of children, via the treatment of intestinal parasites as well as opening six orphanages around the globe. With this said, one of their most publicized projects was a house which the group painted like a rainbow across the street from the hateful, anti-homosexual Westboro Baptist Church.

“Our message to our LGBTQ youth is simple,” explained Planting Peace on their website. “You are loved, valued, supported, and beautiful. There is nothing wrong with you, and we will stand by you. You are not alone.”

Whether you are for or against what Davis has stood for, the situation is certainly one which will be looked back on by future generations as well as one which will remain at the forefront of LGBT as well as religious equality discussions for quite some time to come.