Kanye West Confirms He’s Running for President

Source: www.YouTube.com

Source: www.YouTube.com

Rapper Kanye West has disclosed he’s running for President. The popular music star, 38, admits that while he “hates” politics, it needs someone creative. Kayne is of the opinion that he will turn out to be an “extremely thoughtful” president, and is going with his plans after declaring the bid during the MTV VMAs, according to the web edition of The Mirror.

What does this mean?

Kayne has further gone on to state in the report that he completely believes people will support his plans as he is “honest” and always attempts to defend everyone.

Clarifying his stand that he’s not in the fray for presidency just for the fun of it, Kanye also goes on to declare, “I hate

Source: www.YouTube.com

Source: www.YouTube.com

politics. I’m not a politician.”

He goes on to elaborate that he loves creativity, and believes that politics needs someone creative at the helm of it. According to news reports, Kayne believes creativity can bring about the right solutions in politics, and is hence keen on making a foray into this arena.

Some had laughed at the ambition at the MTV Awards speech as plain humor and as attention seeking showmanship, according to the Sky News. However, in an interview with the Vanity Fair, the star rapper stated that his plans were no laughing matter and that he was serious about going ahead with this endeavor. The Sky News report adds that the popular performer who’s ranked as the world’s seventh-highest paid hip-hop act by Forbes, is yet to declare which political party he plans to represent.

The report further adds, West believes several people have got over their initial shock, and are now encouraging him in his potential campaign for the coveted Oval Office.

A stronger background than a community organizer

Source: www.YouTube.com

Source: www.YouTube.com

Kayne plans to study and research for the next five years, so he’s qualified enough to run for the presidency in 2020, according to The Daily Mail.

He further goes on to say that he will never give up rapping, and will always be a ‘rock-star’ – though at some point he wants to become his mothers’ child. The much loved rapper plans to be a performer all his life, though he also wants to contribute to the political forum.

The motivation to run for office has stemmed from Kayne’s need to be a product of his parents, who were both from a scholarly background. The rapper’s father has double masters’ degrees, while his mother holds a Ph. D.