Live Ventures Inc (NASDAQ:LIVE) Shares Explode After Special Q4 Announcement Made


Live Ventures Inc (NASDAQ:LIVE) shares are up $0.80 (56.30%) in early morning trading after the company just released news that they will be releasing a special report on December 10, 2015 (next Thursday), in addition to their normal quarterly 10-k filing.  This seems to be implying that the special report will show some abnormally good numbers.

“Normally, fourth quarter results are included only as part of a company’s 10-K filing for the entire fiscal year,” explained Jon Isaac, CEO of Live Ventures Incorporated(NASDAQ:LIVE).  “However, we believe our results bear notice and we wish to update our stockholders on a particularly successful quarter.”

A successful quarter for the company, which operates as a holding company that provides marketing solutions for client awareness and merchant visibility on the Internet, could mean better results for the stock in the coming weeks.  Shares have been trading down 52.55% on the year and are down 14.37% in the past 3-months alone.  It should be interesting to follow this Las Vegas based company in the coming weeks as the details of this report are released next week.

Earlier this month Live Ventures Inc (NASDAQ:LIVE) announced that they had planned on selling seven properties owned and managed by its wholly owned subsidiary, Marquis Industries.  While these sales more than likely have not yet taken place, they too could add to a more attractive bottom line if successful.

“Our strategy has long been to ensure that all of our subsidiaries are streamlined in their resources, and we believe the sale of the properties will enable us to reallocate the capital into various investments that yield better overall return on equity for shareholders,” said Isaac. “We believe that it is prudent for us to sell the real estate to unlock value. Our goals remain constant. We provide value to our customers through smart business practices and in-demand products, while providing our shareholders with enhanced value by managing our resources wisely and increasing profitability.  We believe that the sale-lease back transactions will contribute to our continuing efforts toward accomplishing this second goal.”